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48 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married – Healthy Goals For Love

So, you’re thinking of getting engaged. Chances are, you already know your intended spouse pretty well, but have the two of you talked about everything? I’m talking those really meaningful, deep life questions. Do you know your partner’s opinions, values, and thoughts, especially on important issues? There are a lot of questions to ask before gettingContinue reading “48 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married – Healthy Goals For Love”

The Impact of Unresolved Trauma on Relationships

Physicians use the word “trauma” to describe a serious injury to the physical body resulting from a sudden impact, such as an accident or a violent act. But you can also suffer emotional trauma, which can cause an equally painful wound to your sense of self as a whole, coherent being. Just like a woundContinue reading “The Impact of Unresolved Trauma on Relationships”

How to Recognize and Heal from Relationship PTSD

Abusive relationships can do a lot of damage to your emotional health and mental well-being.  It can feel painful and deeply distressing — to say the absolute least — when someone you love and trust: begins to criticize you or put you down tries to control or manipulate you into doing what they want becomes physically or sexually abusive TheseContinue reading “How to Recognize and Heal from Relationship PTSD”

Focusing On Others While Healing From Trauma

Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world. This Trauma does not always have to be your own. It may be experiencing others trauma or having a profound emotion that makes us feel effected by someone else’s experience.Continue reading “Focusing On Others While Healing From Trauma”

Overcoming Abuse From A Narcissist

We’re all capable of abuse when we’re frustrated or hurt. We may be guilty of criticizing, judging, withholding, and controlling, but some abusers, including narcissists, take abuse to a different level. Narcissistic abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, financial, and/or spiritual. Some types of emotional abuse are not easy to spot, including manipulation. It can include emotional blackmail, using threats andContinue reading “Overcoming Abuse From A Narcissist”