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For The Addicts

You are reaching and your addiction has made you feel like you are your own ghost. I know from experience that like any addiction, whatever yours is, you are dealing with many of the same emotions any trauma brings on. You’ve read so many resources trying to end this journey of addiction you’ve reached outContinue reading “For The Addicts”

Overcoming Co-Addiction & What That Word Even Means

This is a subject that I have learned only recently and have developed a publication since I felt it was such an epiphany to myself. I am sure that within addiction many people do not even understand or are aware of this happening. It’s a lengthy read but does touch on each point and howContinue reading “Overcoming Co-Addiction & What That Word Even Means”

Not Allowing Others To Take Blame Within Your Recovery.

Within your time of growing and recovering you may find those around you starting to feel somewhat responsible for anything they have felt they could have helped in but did not. It is just important to make sure that a finality is given to them. That they are not a part of what you areContinue reading “Not Allowing Others To Take Blame Within Your Recovery.”