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Overcoming Co-Addiction & What That Word Even Means

This is a subject that I have learned only recently and have developed a publication since I felt it was such an epiphany to myself. I am sure that within addiction many people do not even understand or are aware of this happening. It’s a lengthy read but does touch on each point and howContinue reading “Overcoming Co-Addiction & What That Word Even Means”

Overcoming Self Sabotaging In New Relationships

I haven’t been single very long now but even so there are still lessons I am learning and understanding regarding new relationships in comparison to my past one. As new people come into your life it is natural to discover also new anxiety as well. Things that you may not have yet been aware ofContinue reading “Overcoming Self Sabotaging In New Relationships”

Not Allowing Others To Take Blame Within Your Recovery.

Within your time of growing and recovering you may find those around you starting to feel somewhat responsible for anything they have felt they could have helped in but did not. It is just important to make sure that a finality is given to them. That they are not a part of what you areContinue reading “Not Allowing Others To Take Blame Within Your Recovery.”

Lives Of Memories

I went to see the sunrise but my body would not allow me to leave. So I was unable to get there, where the earth turns downward to bring the burning star over the horizon. For a moment it became a realization that I nor anyone else had ever seen the sun actually rise. ItContinue reading “Lives Of Memories”

RPTSD Relational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

For a moment can we focus on the last word within this. Disorder. Both meanings are key to what PTSD really is. A state of confusion. Disrupting the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of something. So it would be fairly easy to say that truly this is just a term for what most likely youContinue reading “RPTSD Relational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

Love: The Only Emotion You Should Keep Bottled Up & Why

If you have experienced a breakup, whether it is the first or hopefully your last. If you have experienced abuse of any sort. It has somehow originated from love or the lack thereof. So now maybe you feel as if you have lost all that defines who you are. This is not a healthy emotionContinue reading “Love: The Only Emotion You Should Keep Bottled Up & Why”

When Someone You Love Kills You

Yes, that is pretty straight forward. You probably keep a lot of things buried as you are trying to battle your way back to reality. If you are still in the midst of your abuse or have just gotten out of it then it may feel like you are just laying there looking up wonderingContinue reading “When Someone You Love Kills You”

The God Angle: Fear

If someone makes you feel fear at all then your love or relationship is not from a good place. It is not from God or from any higher power or plane of existence. For it is fundamental in any belief that Love is not made up of fear. Even scriptures thousands of years old sayContinue reading “The God Angle: Fear”

The God Angle: Love (Trigger Warning Sexual Abuse)

The God Angle & Other Secrets We Never Should Have Kept From Ourselves. If you arrived upon this for the poetry then scroll to the bottom where it says 436 Words: unless you want the back story. In the recent past I came to understand a great deal of how I was viewing my relationshipsContinue reading “The God Angle: Love (Trigger Warning Sexual Abuse)”

Emotional Road Blocks In New Relationships

Too often we may feel we are ready to dive into a new relationship but as we move forward you may discover that certain memories or emotions that have been instilled in you are still present. Regardless of what they are I have found that you can turn these things into new boundaries regarding theContinue reading “Emotional Road Blocks In New Relationships”