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Soul Healing

Where do you take a vehicle that a mechanic has messed up?

Recently I have been asking this key question to those who come to me for advice regarding emotional trauma or healing. Before I share the answer to that question, I want to express that in society today we have tried to offer so many solutions to individuals who will only continue to seek healing from the same sources.

Those who speak strongly regarding self love surely love themselves, those who speak of forgiveness surely have forgiven. Those who generally speak of their personal source of emotional recovery tend to speak of things they have found to be healing.

When we give techniques or utilize them ourselves it does not always mean we know how to heal from someone or something.

Often times we tend to fixate on trying to find the root cause for the hurt or trauma. In the world today when those in power seek to make things acceptable to suit agendas we find opposition in many forms. Including recovery. I’ve heard more and more from those I speak to that when speaking out there is always a fear of retaliation or persecution. Whether it is racial equality, mental health, victims rights, whatever it may be. You may feel at a point where if you press further you simply end up punished more.

So if you have gone through abuse or trauma or injustice of any sort that has effected you enough then you will already known that some things can only be healed by releasing it. Other times the only way to be healed is to answer that question. Where do you take a vehicle that a mechanic has messed up? A better mechanic of course.

Having your trauma cared for in ways that heal your mind is very important to changing the way your brain functions in response to side effects or future fears. This can be very difficult for anyone who has tried to have support from someone close or who they felt could be trusted and then were turned away or further abused.

In my own instance I have experienced being able to verbalize my own mental and emotional needs and also being told that someone was unwilling to help me or didn’t care. This is mainly due to what I referenced earlier in that repeatedly returning to the source of the trauma for recovery help will only continue to cause further damage. In order to heal we must break free from our propensity to attach to those that have hurt us. I cannot suggest giving trust or faith to someone because I know this is a task that some are unable to do. But, if you are able to make a list of the traits you have been drawn towards in the past to be helped or protected then it will be much to easier move forward towards healing.

Some individuals may find themselves plagued by years of anxiety, fear, distrust and suspicion of anyone who gives the impression that they care about your emotions. I titled this particular entry; Soul Healing, because truly when we experience most traumas they try to change us and our very being. Some things we constantly turn to physical solutions for very spiritual hurts. Experiences that have caused us to trust in ways we never thought possible but also be able to hurt us in the same capacity.

In the definition of help, sometimes we may seek this through affirmation and this can be a helpful resource to heal if it is through positive connections. Verbalize this need with those you are seeking help from as well as any fears or weaknesses. It is this point where you will be able to see if the sources you seek are seeking to help you or themselves.

Remember to start thinking more of how those around you make you feel rather than how you feel about them. If they are guiding you to better more productive lifestyles then you may not always wish to hear this. Our soul will attach to and cling to emotions and others that feed those things. It is this time though when your healing is most important and your choices can create a new blank page to start over or add to already toxic areas of your life.


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