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Not Allowing Others To Take Blame Within Your Recovery.

Within your time of growing and recovering you may find those around you starting to feel somewhat responsible for anything they have felt they could have helped in but did not. It is just important to make sure that a finality is given to them. That they are not a part of what you are recovering from and that they hold no responsibility for your abuse inflicted by someone else. As you open up more you are going to have a lot of support, sometimes that support will also open up emotions inside those that have tried to already recover from the abuse that you are just now being able to really get through. Though the intentions are good, this type of interjection is them needing to heal from their own feelings that have been brought up. State these things to them in a way that is appreciative and at times hearing others apologize does help us as we grow. But, there is a difference between apologizing for what we have been through and supporting us and apologizing for any level of responsibility they feel they played. This kind of support will become overwhelming as it is not valid within our emotions or mind. It brings further guilt and self blame that they are not understanding occurs. When someone buys a fast car then chooses to drive it everywhere going 100+ mph, the car doesn’t need to apologize when you drive the thing off a cliff going around a corner.

These people have well intentions and care for you. This is the way they are expressing it. But let them know they gave you every resource to have turned to them, spoke to them, they may have brought you up well, instilled values that were good. Make sure they know these things and also that you thank them for caring. This emotional discourse we are navigating through has to be focused on healing and recovering our mental and emotional self. If we allow others to constantly interject their own emotions then this becomes another place we feel we have failed and caused them to feel blame. If you do not have these people in your life then it is possibly for reasons and you will have to have that also as something to recover from. Pushing those away that could have helped is different from someone standing idly by and refusing to help. Make sure they know this and if you are strong enough help release them from their own guilt, regret and questions.

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